Common Causes Of Sewer Problems

Ultimately, if you are having sewer problems, you are having a bad day. There is nothing quite like having your sewer backed up and causing you problems. You may end up needing to have your sewer pumped by a professional. There are a lot of different things that can really cause problems in a septic system. People do not realize that a septic system is a very effective system, but that it can be thrown off in some cases. Here are a few common causes of sewer problems. 


You are going to see commercials for specific liquids that are going to be able to blast through a clogged drain. While this liquid truly might be capable of blasting through a clogged drain, it may also blast its way through all the bacteria that aid in the break down of all the sewage. Your sewage system is going to be a haven for many different bacteria. All of these different cultures of bacteria are going to be a huge part of keeping your septic system up and running. If those cultures die, then you may end up having your sewage system backed up.

Septic Field

It is important to know exactly where your septic tank is and where the drainage field is. Many people find that they are blocking the pipes that drain the septic tank. Often a remodel job will bring a piece of heavy machinery onto the property. If you do not know where your septic tank is, then that piece of heavy equipment can be working right on top of that tank. If it is heavy enough, then it can compact the earth and damage the septic tank. Try to find out where your septic tank and septic field are, and make sure they are clear. 

A Watery Trash Can

Children do not know any better, but sometimes they will put things down the toilet. The best thing that you can do is teach them not to put things down the toilet. You, however, should know better than to put plastics or anything that is not biodegradable down your toilet. In fact, it is a smart thing to only put toilet paper and sewage down the drain.

Many people use their garbage disposal often, and that can also cause a lot of damage to your septic system. Just be smart with what you put down your sewage pipes. If your sewer system is clogged up, have your sewer pumped and start over with better habits.  

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