4 Reasons To Consider Luxury Portable Restroom Rentals For Your Event

When planning an outdoor event, you want your guests to be safe and comfortable. Besides picking the perfect venue and organizing quality catering services, you might need to rent portable restrooms. If you feel skeptical about standard event toilets, you could consider luxury units. So, what makes luxury portable restroom rentals different? The following are reasons the luxury option may suit your upcoming event.  1. Climate Control  The primary reason that most people host outdoor events is that the sun is out. [Read More]

Repairs For A Toilet That Backs Up

A toilet is a plumbing fixture that is frequently used, as it is needed for disposing of human waste on a regular basis. Due to how frequently a toilet is used in a household, it can be frustrating when it begins to function in a problematic fashion. Worse than a toilet that does not flush is one that continuously backs up and causes human waste to overflow onto the floor. If you have been plunging your toilet more than usual and cleaning up overflowed waste, your toilet needs professional attention. [Read More]

4 Ways Not Having Enough Toilet Rentals Can Ruin Your Event

Whether it is a graduation or a corporate event, there is so much that goes into planning a party. From looking for the most suitable venue and planning food to making guests lists and decorating, there are a lot of tasks to accomplish. Besides, you should ensure you have enough mobile toilet rentals at your event. But is getting the right number of mobile toilets really that important? Yes, it is. [Read More]