What To Know About Having A Whole Home Water Purification System Installed

Are you tired of the quality of the water coming into your home and want a solution that will impact the flavor and odor of the water coming out of all your faucets? If so, you'll want to have a whole home water purification system installed. Here is what you need to know about this upgrade to your water quality.

Pre-Filters Help Remove Sediment

A quality home water purification system will require a pre-filter, which helps remove all of the sediment in the water that comes into your home. It doesn't matter if you use well water or a municipal water source since there is going to be some sort of sediment in the water that should be removed to help improve the efficiency of the next filter. 

Granulated Active Carbon Filters Improve Flavor And Odor.

With the sediment removed from your water, you need to improve the taste and odor. A granulated active carbon filter is necessary for all of the water to flow through to get those added benefits of purified water for drinking use. This type of filter is great at removing chemicals from the water, like chlorine or hydrogen sulfide, which give water its foul smell and taste that you want to change. 

Water Filters Should Have A Bypass

When you have a whole home water purification system, know that at some point those filters will need to be serviced. You do not want to go without water the entire time that the filter is out of operation, so it's important to have a bypass installed. This allows you to shut down the water going to the filters and have unpurified water sent to your entire home. It can be done by turning off a few valves, and it will keep the water flowing in your home if something were to happen to your filter. 

Water Filters Require Regular Maintenance

You are likely wondering what kind of maintenance a whole home water purification system needs to keep running. Your pre-filter will require swapping out the mesh filter, and the granulated active carbon filter will require the replacement of all of the carbon inside it. The frequency that both of these maintenance tasks need to be done depends on how much water you use in your home, as well as specifications that the manufacturer recommends for the specific water filter. Keep on top of routine maintenance by changing the filtration materials as directed so that you can continue to have clean water.

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