Are Portable Toilet Rentals A Good Choice For A Wedding?

Are you in the process of making plans for your wedding day? If so, the idea of holding your wedding event outdoors is bound to come up. One thing that often holds wedding planners back from selecting certain outdoor locations is the lack of access to restrooms. However, portable toilets may be an option for wedding day festivities. Take a look at why portable toilets can work out well for an outdoor wedding and reception.  

Portable toilets can be delivered just about anywhere 

Portable toilets do not have to be connected to plumbing, sewer, or power systems to be fully functional. This fact makes these portable facilities extremely flexible when it comes to where they can be placed. There are truly only a few requirements for placing portable toilet rentals on a property, such as: 

  • The property owner must permit the toilets to be delivered and set up 
  • The toilet rentals must be placed in an area that provides stable, level ground 
  • The area for placement must be accessible by the delivery truck 

As long as your wedding venue can accommodate these three points, you can likely have portable toilets delivered and set up. 

You can choose the number of toilets you need for the size of the event 

If you have a relatively large wedding event planned, you may need several toilets to accommodate all the guests. While some outdoor locations may only have a few toilets available, portable toilet rentals can help make up for the difference in what you truly need. For example, if you are planning a wedding at a state park that has a restroom with only two toilets inside, this may not be enough if you are expecting several hundred guests. You can order portable toilets to make sure the rest of your guests have a place to go. 

The small stature of portable toilets makes them easy to conceal 

Portable toilets have an easily noticeable appearance. However, the facilities are so small in size they can easily be concealed in a creative way so guests don't have port-a-potties in all of the wedding pictures they snap. You could easily have the toilets placed in an area concealed by trees or a temporary wall if needed. Portable toilet facilities can also be "dressed up" for the big day. For example, you could place a flower wreath on the door with an adhesive strip or place a basket of complementary wedding favors inside. 

Contact a local portable toilet rental service to learn more.