How You Should Communicate With A Roll Off Container Provider

When choosing a roll off container, inquire about additional services that are offered alongside the roll-off container service. This will not only allow you to remove debris from the area more efficiently, but will also allow you to save money when disposing of debris.

Have Waste Disposal Handled For You

Rather than throwing away the debris yourself, you can hire a company that will take your garbage to a landfill or a recycling facility where it can be disposed of. Then, a replacement roll-off container can be provided. This helps save time and avoids the frustration of figuring out how to dispose of the debris. 

Explain Your Intentions

Communicate with the roll off company regarding what you intend to do with the debris. Depending on the nature of your work, you may have equipment that can be resold or junked for a profit. You may choose to contact a third party or sort through some of the debris yourself in order to more effectively recoup losses.

Clarify What You Will Be Dumping

Be clear about the type of debris that you will be disposing of. There may be some materials that are not accepted. Once it is understood what you will be disposing of, make sure to not add anything else to the roll off container. For instance, if you are to only use the container to remove cardboard boxes, do not also throw a bag of grass clippings in the dumpster. There are some items that are very unlikely to be accepted, such as paint, tires, hazardous materials or computers. With computers, there is no reason to dispose of them because they can almost always be sold for parts. Even if the company can dispose of something, you may be charged an extra fee or the company may require that certain items be removed. It is also important to discuss what you will be dumping because some materials will increase the weight of the dumpster.

Ask How Long You May Keep It

Ask about how long you may keep the roll off container without additional fees. Usually, you can keep a roll off container for as long as you like, though you will be charged a periodic fee. For instance, you may be charged an additional $10 fee after 10 days. Tell the dumpster company, one like Chitty Garbage Service Inc, about your needs and how long you intend to keep the roll off dumpster. They may have a plan that can reduce the amount of money you will be charged.