Three Tips For Planning The Placement Of Your Outdoor Event's Portable Restroom In Case It Rains

If you are hosting an outdoor event, you may have decided to rent portable restrooms to make your guests more comfortable. However, if there is a chance of rain during your event, you may wonder if the inclement weather could impact where you place the toilets. If so, use the following tips for planning the placement of your event's rented restrooms in case it rains.

Choose a Sheltered Location

If the forecast is calling for high winds along with the rain, you want to make sure you place the portable in an area that is not overly exposed. If the restroom is unsheltered and a high gust comes through while someone is in it, at the worst, the entire structure could tip over.

While the portable restroom does not have to be completely closed in, make sure there is a wall on at least one side of it. This will help block the winds and keep the toilet from being blown around.

Pick a Spot with Level And Slightly Elevated Ground

When heavy rains are a possibility, you do not want to have the portable toilets in a recessed area that could accumulate water and flood the restroom. Also, you want the toilet on even ground, since the rain can make the surface slippery and make the restroom slide.

If possible, select a spot that is level and on slightly elevated ground. Not only will this keep water out of the structure, but it will also help keep it stable.

Put Plywood Down Where You Want the Toilet

Along with making the ground slippery, torrential downpours can make the dirt under the toilet soft and muddy. If the restroom is placed directly on the ground, the soft mud could make it sink.

To combat the sinking issue, put plywood down where you want to place each portable toilet. Once the toilets are in place, the plywood gives them sturdy platforms on which to stand. Even if the sheets of wood sink a little bit, the toilets will not shift and sink directly into the mud.

Using the above tips can help ensure that your event's portable toilets stay safe and secure in case a storm passes through the area on the day of your outdoor event. For more tips on planning the ideal places to put them, speak with a representative with the restroom rental company who can give you further guidance. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Lemeta Pumping & Thawing.