Why Your Toilets Might Flush Slowly

When toilets have a weak flush, it can be due to several things being wrong with the plumbing system. If there is a septic tank connected to your plumbing system, it can also play a role in the problem. It's actually a good idea to get the slow flushing issue inspected as soon as possible. You don't want the toilets to go from being able to slowly drain waste, to not being able to flush at all. Take a look at the information below to learn about some of the things that may be done to your plumbing or septic system.

Plumbing Lines Need to Be Snaked

You should begin diagnosing the problem with the plumbing lines that are in your house. A plumber can be hired to inspect the lines that are attached to the toilets to find out if there are any problems of concern. For example, he or she can send a snake device into the lines to clear them out if they are clogged with sewage. A commercial snake powerfully moves around in the lines and can release a substantial amount of sewage. If the snake doesn't fix the problem, the plumber can look into the lines with a borescope to see if something is stuck inside.

Liquid Waste Does Not Drain Out of the Tank Properly

A septic system is designed in a way to automatically release liquid waste into a drain field. If the waste is unable to leave out of the tank as it should, it could cause flushing problems with your toilets. If your septic tank is equipped with a pump tank, it is possible that parts inside of the pump tank need are in need of repairs. For instance, the effluent pump might not be functioning as it should to release liquid waste into the drain field. As a professional to inspect the effluent pump, high water alarm, and other parts that are contained inside of the pump tank.

A New Pump is Needed for the Septic System

It is possible that your toilets are flushing slowly because your septic pump has failed altogether. If the pump has failed, the only way to resolve the problem would be to get a new one installed. Keep in mind that you are not obligated to get the exact type of pump that has failed. You have the option of choosing a pump that is more powerful and not likely to cause untimely problems in the future. Speak to a septic pump installation technician to learn what your options are for a replacement.

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