3 Common Septic System Repairs

In most cases, septic systems are very efficient waste management systems. But, like anything related to a home, a septic system can develop problems as it ages and need repairs. Promptly repairing a septic system that has a problem will help prevent further damage and the need to replace your entire septic system. Some common septic system repairs include:

Emergency Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tanks should be inspected regularly to check the waste level and ensure that it is not too high; when waste levels reach a certain level, the septic tank needs to be pumped. However, when a septic system experiences an increase in use, waste levels can rise faster than normal. When this happens, the solid waste will block the intake and outtake lines, which can cause sewage to back up through the pipes and into the home. 

If there is any evidence of sewage coming up through your drains, it is essential to immediately contact a septic system service company for an emergency tank pumping. The sooner you have the tank pumped, the less sewage you will have in your home, thus reducing damage and cleaning expenses.

Repairs to Drainfield Piping

Your septic system has a drainfield that consists of a number of pipes that transport liquid waste away from your home. Over time, these pipes can be damaged as the ground shifts or as tree roots grow into the area. Construction near your drainfield can also cause accidental damage to the pipes. If there is a problem with one or more pipes in the drainfield, it is important to have repairs made as soon as possible.

When you have a damaged drainfield pipe, you may notice the presence of water in the area. This happens when the liquid waste escapes from the pipe that is damaged and rises to the surface. Another sign of a potentially damaged drainfield pipe that needs repair in especially green grass in just one small area.

Broken Septic Baffles

Septic baffles are devices inside the septic tank that prevent solid waste from entering your drainfield. As your septic tank gets older, the baffles can become damaged and rusty, which can cause them to stop working. If this happens, you will need to contact a professional to replace them. In many cases, damaged baffles is a sign that a septic system is nearing the end of its lifespan and may need to be replaced within a few years. 

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